Christian ( That's me )

Originally from Huddersfield,  West Yorkshire, I've been working as a photographer in London for the past 8 years.

With my main body of work consisting of portraiture, fashion and editorial I've recently ventured into the field of weddings applying the style I've developed over time. I've been fortunate to shoot in different parts of the world with locations including Tunisia, Ibiza and Crete.

How I work

I believe capturing the small details are essential in creating the narrative of such a special day. As much as you'll see me focusing on the key events I'll be shooting the scenery, decoration and subtle interactions. 

While it's important to be present to document every aspect I also understand not to be intrusive, to allow guests to feel comfortable and able to enjoy the occasion. If When you look through your images and don't recall some moments occurring or my being there to capture it, I've done my job. 

Please get in touch for all price enquiries.

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